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Facial Reconstructive Surgery

  • Facial skin lesions and skin cancer surgery
  • Facial fracture repair
  • Scar revision
  • Post Moh's Surgery Facial Reconstruction

Before and After Gallery

Scar Revision

This woman sustained facial lacerations from a car accident.  A two-stage scar revision was performed.  A W-plasty excised the scar and sutured it back in a zig-zag pattern to help camouflage it.  Laser resurfacing then helped to further smooth and reduce its appearance. 

Scar Revision


Computer Imaging

Dr. Kevin Lunde Plano, TexasDr. Lunde uses the latest techniques to obtain long lasting, natural results. To help demonstrate the potential improvement with facial surgery, Dr. Lunde uses computer imaging. The patient's picture is taken with a video camera attached to a computer. He can then demonstrate the possible results of a variety of procedures. "Although its not a guarantee of actual post operative results, computer imaging is a great aid in the analysis of one's face and helps stimulate discussion and explanation of the different surgeries," says Dr. Lunde.

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