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Is hearing loss taking you out of the picture this season?

A simple hearing test is all it takes to find out.

Hearing loss affects 1 in 10 Americans, and can lead to inattentiveness, distraction, isolation and depression. Rather than relishing in the time spent with loved ones during upcoming holiday gatherings, individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss may instead withdraw from participating in social activities. If you are starting to fade out of the picture, we encourage you to make a change by getting your hearing checked at our office.

Fortunately, modern, custom-fitted hearing devices are smarter, easier to use and practically invisible. They're so good that more than 80% of owners report being satisfied with their hearing aids. Learn about your options by making an appointment today.

It's not just the words you'll miss, but the memories.

Call our office now at 972-985-3223 to schedule a hearing evaluation and get back into the picture this season!

Let us help you make memories.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Coordinator Meet Carly, our new Facial Plastic Surgery Coordinator

Carly joined our team in August of 2020, moving here from San Diego. She has been in the cosmetic field for the past 15 years, specializing in skin care, aesthetics and cosmetology. Loving her interactions with her clients, Carly decided to pursue a degree as a nurse. After graduating from nursing school, she specialized in dermatology and plastic surgery. She loves to educate people on skin health and how to maintain a youthful appearance.

Call our office 972-985-3223 to book a consult with her today.


For a limited time only, we challenge you to put your hearing aids to the test against Oticon Opn S1!

A revolutionary new hearing aid that is proven to provide better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments.

Make the Switch to receive a $300 per pair Manufacturer’s Rebate

Take the Oticon Better Hearing Challenge today!
Call now: 972-985-3223

An exciting new choice for speech understanding on par with normal hearing – and it’s rechargeable!

Opn S uses breakthrough technology with an astonishing processing power (56,000 times per second) lets you access the details of speech with more natural sound and increased comfort. Sound processing is so fast that feedback is managed proactively, even before it occurs.

Need extra help in especially noisy environments?

Opn S lets you “boost” the support you receive - whenever you feel you need it. And because Opn S uses Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing™ technology to help your brain make sense of sound,
you’ll have better recall of conversations with less listening effort.

Experience easy wireless connections and the option of hassle-free rechargeability.

Opn S connects directly to iPhone® so you can hear your phone and stream music. There is also a TV adapter that turns your hearing aids into a wireless headset.

If you’re looking for the convenience of rechargeable batteries, choose the Opn S rechargeable solution.

An overnight charge lets you power up state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for a full day of uninterrupted listening.

With a new year comes new changes!

To continue providing our patients with the best standard of hearing care, we have created the position of Audiology Assistant.

Nicole Audiology AssistantYou may recognize Nicole as she has worked on the medical side as Dr. Lunde’s Medical Assistant since 2014. We are excited to have her now as our Audiology Assistant.

Nicole has over 10 years of medical experience and is a passionate advocate for patients with hearing loss. She will be assisting our Audiologist with various tests, procedures and specialized appointments. Additionally, she will be available for help with most hearing aid repairs, cleanings, routine checks and end of warranty visits. However, any computer programming, adjusting of your hearing aids or custom earmold changes will still require an appointment with our Audiologist.

Nicole will now be available for Walk In hearing aid checks throughout the week. If you are having concerns or issues with your hearing aids and are unsure if an appointment is required with our Audiologist, please contact our office at 972-985-3223 to speak with Nicole or to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Congratulations Dr. Lunde!

Not only is it important for your patients to trust you but its just as important for other doctors in the community to trust you as well. 
This award is a result of votes by other doctors in the area. Dr. Lunde and staff thank you and will continue to work hard to maintain your trust.

Archived News

Hearing Loss and New Hearing Devices Consultation and Demonstration July 26, 2018 to August 2, 2018

Our Audiologist Dr. Sarah Pope, have set aside special appointments from Thursday, July 26, through Thursday, August 2, to evaluate people with suspected hearing loss. As a part of these consultations, examples of hearing devices will be available to help demonstrate their use and benefit.

Please call our office at 972-985-3223 for one of these appointments if you have any questions about your hearing condition.

Learn More

NEW State-of-the-Art audiology testing equipment, and
expanded hearing aid services

Posted February 7th, 2018

Our Audiologist Sarah Pope, AuD, provides comprehensive diagnostic testing for hearing and balance disorders. They are board certified in Audiology and licensed to dispense hearing aids and other treatment devices such as tinnitus sound therapy. We help train the next generation of hearing health care professionals.

Learn more about our Audiology Services

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