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Allergy Treatment in Plano, TX

New Allergy Shot Times

Monday through Thursday 9:15am -4:30pm  

We know that for many of our allergy patients, the continued use of immunotherapy has helped to control symptoms, control asthma, reduce the incidence of sinus infections and help prevent recurrence of polyps and other sinus disease.

Please call our office at 972-985-3223 to inform us that you are coming and to answer the following questions:

  • Did you have any reactions to your last shot?
  • Do you have any present allergy symptoms?
  • Did you take an anti-histamine today?
  • Will you have an Epi-Pen with you?

This will allow the staff to prepare your dose. We will not be escalating (increasing the concentration) of anyone’s vaccine at this time but will be using your last tolerated dose. Please bring your Epi-Pen with you.

It has been estimated that allergy is a factor in about half of the medical problems encountered by an ENT doctor.

As an Otolaryngic Allergist, an ENT doctor who does his own allergy treatments, Dr. Kevin Lunde is able to comprehensively diagnose and treat such disorders of the upper respiratory tract. Dr. Lunde has passed the Fellow Exam given by the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy.

Information about avoiding and limiting contact with allergens, those substances that are triggering the allergic response, are available for review. Ensuring that medications are being used for their maximal benefit is emphasized.

Allergy testing can be performed to identify the specific inhalant allergens responsible for a patient’s symptoms. Immunotherapy, either given as shots or as drops under the tongue, can then be used to alter the body’s reaction to these allergens.

Because Dr. Lunde is an ENT surgeon, he can follow the progress of patients with specialized examinations and offer other medical and surgical treatments when indicated.

Diagnostic nasal endoscopy uses a small fiberoptic scope to fully examine the nasal and sinus cavities in detail. Lung function tests can screen patients for asthma.

Nasal polyp removal, sinus surgery, straightening a deviated septum and placement of ear ventilating tubes are examples of surgical procedures that may indicated in the management of the allergic patient.

Other non-allergic diseases can also be efficiently diagnosed and treated.

The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy recommends the following circumstances when a patient should seek consultation with an Otolaryngic Allergist:

  • When the diagnosis of an ear, nose and throat allergy or cause of an ear, nose and throat symptom is uncertain.
  • When allergy or ear, nose or throat symptoms are not adequately controlled.
  • When special diagnostic allergy tests are needed.
  • When specialized treatment such as immunotherapy is needed. Dr Lunde offers both allergy shot and allergy drop immunotherapy.
  • When other related ear, nose and throat medical problems, such as chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, fluid in the middle ear, chronic ear infections, deviated septum, vocal disturbances, or enlarged adenoids or tonsils may be present.
  • When complications associated with treatment or difficulty in controlling symptoms are affecting the patient’s quality of like.

We believe the knowledge of a well-trained allergist and staff is necessary to make sure the allergy patient receives the full range of treatment advice and education. This expertise will ensure that comprehensive allergy management is delivered.

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